Time of your life

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Post-work phase retirees are known to experience much the same emotional transitional adjustment as other traumatic life-cycle changes, such as home-relocation, divorce and loss of a partner.

  • “Time of Your Life” is a planned approach for the next phase of life bringing with it, security, confidence, new opportunities and fulfilment rather than the unplanned approach that usually engenders the opposite.
  • This experience addresses a means by which individuals who are due to retire can creatively prepare for the next cycle of their lives.
  • For many retiring candidates’ personal identity and job-description are indistinguishable, with no adequate preparation for life after retirement.
  • This programme provides a powerful means of transition from their period of formal work life.
  • Although designed for anyone who wants to plan their lives properly, this programme is focused on those approaching retirement (50+) to ensure maximising retirement’s rich potential.

Based on the Six Universal Human Needs Psychology model, the core process is a deep individual personal development journey that enables the maximising of retirement’s rich opportunities.

Using adult learning principles, the programme facilitates conversations, surfaces concerns, needs and dreams, preparing participants to have the best time of their lives through this engaging and challenging personal development opportunity.

The process maximises individual and group exploration of themes of concern to people facing retirement. It challenges individuals by reflecting on and re-framing personal experiences that form positive platforms for future growth.

  • 2 day workshop
  • Minimum of 8 people must be present for this workshop. 


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