Business Support

Why Business Support?

Over the years, we have discovered that great change and improvement happens within a company only when it is treated as a living entity, with a soul, a spirit, as well as a structure and a bottom line.

We also discovered that some consulting services provide great and long-lasting benefits, others do not. Those that do, enable management to touch the spirit of their company and cause it to change.

Our association with a network of specialists enable us to assist our clients with a total solution to the challenges that they are facing in the business environment.

We cause to happen very quickly, what CEOs want to happen, what companies need to happen, with the full buy-in and commitment of managers.

Awakening Excellence is an international BEE Company specialising in business consulting and people management. We offer consulting services, training and development. Our aim is to be your partner to create a sustainable, successful business and to inculcate and develop an entrepreneurial spirit in South Africa.

We assist you in growing your leaders, building your teams and managing change to help you increase productivity and profitability.


Mentorship programme

An example of aligning the programme to women’s month and pairing women across the organization with senior management to improve their skills and knowledge to support them for promotion or succession planning.

Measuring: impact of interventions

We measure the impact of training intervention – i.e. management development programme, coaching interventions. The impact on an individual, team and organizational level. Providing recommendations to enhance and improve the intervention.

climate surveys

Our surveys provide a rich source of data on the culture and practices with in an organization. This input of people across the organisations, means our recommendations speak to peoples directly to people’s concerns. 

Recognition strategy

In our surveys we recognise and reward were identified, as this is a challenge in organisations, people not feeling valued and appreciated. Our strategy involves identifying factors that motivate and appreciate people.

Skills audit and Learning pathways

From a competency assessment aligned to the individual roles we create learning pathways.

Organizational Development Strategies

Working with the HR Department and Senior Management, we develop the OD strategy aligned to supporting the business achieve its ambition.


People are our greatest assets therefore, our OD strategy enables and support people to achieve the business objectives, addressing leadership, culture and values, capabilities, recognition, innovation, performance management and the triple bottom line creating a sustainable business.

Values assessment

Values are not written for the benefit of a business plan but to create a desired culture through behaviour change. In many organisation values are not measured and behaviour of individuals create negatively impacting on the performance of the organisations.


Our assess addresses the understanding and the relevance of the organisations values and additional recommended values that people think would help improve the business.

Organizational culture change

Creating an engaged high performing culture. Through a baseline assessment we identify enablers and disablers in the current culture and working with people from all levels in the organisations define the desired culture and steps to achieve it.


Awakening excellence from our own research and experience in this area make recommendations and track and support the business until it achieves its desired culture.

Health and Wellbeing

Work life balance assessment and strategies – taking preventative measures to avoid burnout and unhealthy stress levels, we assess the current practices and behaviour of individuals and the norms within the organisation that encourages certain behaviour.


In a consultative process we develop a health and will being strategy for the organisation, and using metric measure improvements over time.

Leadership 360-degree assessments

Leaders are the foundation of the organisations. A renowned speaker once said if you want to understand the organisations culture, observe the leaders within the organisation.


People in the organisations look to leaders on how to behave and what is acceptable or not in an organisation. Our 360-degree assessment includes input from the leader’s team, peers and senior management. We provide individual feedback and coaching to the leader and steps to improve on areas identified for development.

Discussing the undiscussables

A facilitated session with managers and the team to address challenges and together agree on the solutions to resolve the issues. A safe environment allows for open discussion, while remaining solution focused.

"Sappi has engaged the services of Awakening Excellence for two consecutive years to provide subject matter expertise and assistance with a coaching programme aimed at senior and executive leadership within the organisation. To assess the success of the programme on an ongoing basis we included an ROI model that Awakening Excellence has developed. The ROI model within the coaching programme allows us as an organisation to measure the success of the programme not only from a people perspective but it is also used as a measure of business impact. Since implementation of the coaching programme within the organisation, we have seen our business leaders flourish with several of the delegates who were part of the programme to more senior roles. In addition, the programme has also assisted with the creation of a coaching culture within the organisation. This would not have been possible without the assistance of the Awakening Excellence team and the deep insights that we have gained using the ROI model. I would highly recommend Dr Mariam Sha and the Awakening Excellence team for your coaching endeavours."
Sappi Southern Africa

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FAQ on Business Support

Awakening Excellence is:

  • - A member of the Association of Private Providers of Education and Training  Development (APPETD).
  • - An accredited training provider with the Wholesale and Retail SETA (W&RSETA).

“Working with clients to improve the bottom line on a sustainable basis”

Be it business transformation, business improvement or management consulting, our mission is to improve our clients’ bottom line on a sustainable basis.

“Knowing where you are and what you are facing”

We’ve experienced working with small and large organisations. By assessing your current status we are able to advise on the best solution to meet your needs.

“Knowing where and what to be”

Knowing where a business is and what it is facing, we help businesses to achieve strategic clarity in terms of their envisioned future and positioning for competitive advantage.

“Knowing how to get there”

To close the loop, we help businesses to implement the required change throughout their organisations by means of objectives, measures, timelines, targets and initiatives.

“Joint effort”

We involve the organisation in designing and implementing change, thereby enhancing buy-in and ownership of change interventions.


We understand that each individual is unique and harness their strengths, taking them where they need to be both in their personal and professional lives.

Awakening Excellence’s Values make this training more meaningful.

Our values are:

  • - Deliver meaningful results to our clients
  • - Be the best at what we do
  • - Be leaders in developing and applying significant, new concepts
  • - Be a stable and profitable business
  • - Be stronger as a team than we are as individuals
  • - Maintain an extraordinary level of both quality and productivity
  • - Respect and value everyone at Awakening Excellence as a person, not just as an employee
  • - Maintain the highest ethics
  • - Be one firm worldwide

Our Culture:

We succeed in what we do – which is some of the most challenging work in business today – because of our deeply collaborative culture. Our best work comes from embracing diverse points of view, internally and externally.

This approach helps us find innovative answers to our client’s questions, but it has another important benefit. It helps create deep, lasting relationships with clients and colleagues alike – the relationships that make Awakening Excellence such a great place to work.