Time of your life – Guide to purposeful life and fulfilling retirement


Time of your life is a life-planning guide focusing on transitioning from work life to retirement so that you are physically, mentally, emotionally and financially independent.

Time of your life is an interactive book. Exercises have been included throughout the book to make learning an active experience. You feel like you are participating in a life-planning workshop. Numerous experiential stories lift the book out of the category of a textbook read.

The creative team behind this book draws on the experiences from over a thousand Retirement Planning Workshops, their personal lives and the vast research underpinning the psychology of retirement and their coaching practices.

The book covers:

  • Coping and managing the transition from one phase of life to another
  • Life review so that limiting beliefs are not carried into the future
  • Making the most of the financial situation
  • Cultivating dynamic relationships
  • Discovering new purpose and leaving a legacy
  • Envisioning the future you desire
  • How to convert your passion into profit for a second income stream

This book is for people seeking a meaningful and happy retirement.

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