Measuring ROI on learning and development


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As a value add, we measure return on investment on our interventions. Awakening Excellence has developed a methodology to measure ROI in coaching and training.

In discussion with client, we can decide which programmes to measure the ROI on.

Our programmes include the following measures:

  • Pre-programme

Identify the individual, team, and business needs both tangible and intangible.

  • During the programme gather data on:

How did the individuals change their behaviour or apply new knowledge and skills?

What needs to continue and what needs to stop in the programme to achieve the objectives, gather data from all stakeholders.

  • Post-programme: three and six plus months after the programme

Business impact: Have the changes impacted the individual, the team, and the organisation?

Final measure of ROI, this includes costs, resources, and time.


At the end of the programme and 3 to 6 months later Awakening Excellence will measure return on investment on the intervention. Feedback positive or negative will be input for continuous improvement.


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