Making 2023 count!


We’ve all been there – at the start of every new year, you peg your hopes for an improved life on a fresh new set of resolutions and promise yourself and everyone around that “this will be the year” you follow through. For some, these resolutions might include going to the gym, less time spent aimlessly scrolling through social media feeds or binge-watching Netflix shows, or perhaps finally getting that business idea off the ground.

Following through on these things comes down to a number of different factors. Discipline is one of them, but berating yourself for not being able to achieve a resolution because you simply aren’t disciplined enough isn’t going to help matters.

This is because you can resolve to make these changes, but achieving these things requires us to set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and anchored within a Time frame). So, if you haven’t managed to stick to your resolutions over the years, setting (SMART) goals for 2023 instead is a much more effective plan.

Start by breaking the year down into smaller segments and setting smaller targets to achieve along the way to attaining the bigger goal, to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you might consider setting a realistic weight loss goal to achieve in the next three months, and work on a plan that includes healthy eating and exercise to help you achieve this goal. You could use this goal-setting approach for each quarter of the year, which would support you in achieving your overall weight loss goal at the end of the year.

Reach out for support

Setting goals are often easier said than done, which is why only 19% of people end up following through with them. Part of making our goals achievable is ensuring we have the right support and guidance in place to keep us accountable and committed.

Participating in one-on-one coaching is one of the most effective ways to identify, stick to and achieve your goals, while making sure they are realistic and outcomes-based. A coach can also help you to create a plan to achieve them and stay on track along the way, guiding and supporting you along the way. Being kind to yourself to avoid the nasty effects of stress and remembering that it’s okay to ask for help are important first steps in achieving the life you want to live. Awakening Excellence would be happy to offer you the coaching support in achieving your goals this year. Get in touch with us at

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