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Your staff may be unhappy – here’s why you should care

From office politics, cliques and favouritism to employees being overworked and feeling under appreciated, an unhappy, disengaged workforce is one of the main reasons many businesses will not reach performance targets.

Through my experiences in training and executive coaching, I have often noted with surprise how, time and time again, c-suite executives overlook the very obvious connection between toxic culture and poor business performance. What could have gone wrong, when all the boxes – strategy, innovation, forward-thinking – were all ticked?

There are many factors constantly at play and contributing toward the overall culture of an organisation. Leadership teams have an important role to play in this regard, ensuring there is effective communication and dialogue taking place between employees and management, that there are measures in place to prevent favouritism, bullying, and unhealthy workplace practices. 

The truth is that Peter Drucker’s famous quote, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, rings truer than ever, reminding us that no matter how well considered your strategy may be, it’s nothing more than a paper exercise without engaged employees who contribute meaningfully to company culture to execute it.

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Dr Mariam Sha,MD at Awakening Excellence
Author of The Engaged Workforce: 6 practical steps to creating a coaching culture