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Dr Mariam Sha’s core belief is that every individual possesses the resources to achieve all their hopes, goals and dreams; that everyone has the power within to be successful. For over 14 years, Dr Mariam Sha, founder and director of Awakening Excellence, has helped organisations to grow and develop their businesses, driven primarily by the belief that an organisation’s greatest asset is, indeed, its people. She has an innate passion for people and their paths of development, working with organisations and individual clients alike, and helping them to achieve various aspirational goals – from their personal lives to their careers. As a licensed NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, Dr Sha brings with her an astute sense of how people function – their strengths as well as areas of development. As a facilitator she brings passion and fun to the workshops she presents. Her sessions are informative, thought provoking and enjoyable. PROMOTES COACHING

After much research into the field of training and development, it was found that training alone produced a 22% increase in productivity, while the combination of training and coaching together yielded an 88% increase in productivity. As the MD of Awakening Excellence, Dr Sha promotes coaching as a valuable tool in the process of developing people, one that encourages sustainable growth and ultimately, greater profitability.

In addition to coaching, Awakening Excellence offers clients bespoke and accredited skills programmes, international best practices and a method to calculate meaningful ROI on learning interventions. The impact of work done with clients has seen positive culture change, 90% staff retention and increased employee engagement.


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