With business moving at breakneck speed – frequent job shifts, downsizing, mergers, changes in strategy, consumer needs and employee expectations – training alone has been inadequate to up-skill leaders within organisations to prepare for and manage these constant challenges. Organisations are looking internally and externally for people who can guide them through workplace challenges, help improve performance, and lead them through key decisions.

Coaching is becoming central to leadership development to help high potential leaders advance into successor roles; addressing performance issues, and grooming individuals for increased responsibility to achieve business goals.

In recent years, coaching has been recognised as a superb tool for improving performance and managing people more effectively.  It differs from training or mentoring in that a trainer or mentor will generally guide and teach someone in a specific task or job.  Mentors and trainers draw significantly on their own experience and often have the answers.  A coach works with an individual as a detached, independent thinker who holds the firm belief that the Client/Coachee is a capable, resourceful person who needs guidance and support in articulating and achieving their own goals



Executive Coaching

We coach executives, senior leaders and high potential clients to gain self-awareness, achieve their development objectives, unlock potential, help develop positive relationships and to act as a sounding board.

Management Coaching

We coach line managers to develop healthy interpersonal relationships, to better manage the performance of their team, to achieve their personal goals and to unlock their potential.

Team Coaching

We coach a team to support them achieve the team’s objectives and priorities, work through conflict, have self-awareness and awareness of other, stretch them beyond their current abilities and, to develop a climate of psychological safety, conducive to collective learning.

Individual Life Coaching

Coaching an individual involves supporting the coachee to set and achieve their goals through identifying their strengths, potential and limiting beliefs.


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FAQ on Coaching

Every individual, team, organisation and community can benefit from coaching as it supports:

  • - Discovering a solution to a challenge or problem
  • - Developing a skill
  • - Enhancing an element of job performance
  • - Improving time management and personal organisation
  • - Planning a career path
  • - Personal development
  • - Work-life balance
  • - Becoming more creative and effective in personal and business environment
  • - Developing confidence
  • - Improving team understanding and performance
  • - Creating a culture of engagement and high performance
  • - Becoming an effective leader and manager

Organisations operate in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment. Coaching supports management teams and individuals to better understand themselves and their environment, take action and shift behaviour to positively impact themselves and those around them.


As coaches, we apply the techniques and models most appropriate for the individual coachee. However, the basis of all our interventions at Awakening Excellence includes:

  • Appreciative Enquiry The basis of appreciative enquiry is the belief that every person and organisation has key strengths that brought them to the present point. We identify these strengths and build on them. This principle acknowledges and recognises all that has gone before.
  • Emotional Intelligence – To coach another and to manage relationships effectively requires a level of emotional intelligence. Through coaching we support the individual in developing interpersonal skills, identifying strength and triggers to better manage emotions.
  • Positive Psychology – The premise of positive psychology is to be more solution focused.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming – As trained NLP practitioners, we bring to the awareness of individuals their patterns of thinking and language, often spoken, that shape the outcome of their life, work performance and relationships. Neuro Linguistic Programming is a powerful tool to help change thinking patterns and neural pathways in creating a more successful and fulfilling life.

We have primarily two workshops under coaching:

  1.  Live your best life workshop - this is a  popular 1-day workshop to support individuals, teams, managers and leaders alike in creating the futures they wish to live, and to achieve personal and business objectives.
  2. Coaching for high performance - This is a  3-month course that equips Executives, Managers, Supervisors and Team leaders with the skills to coach individuals.
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