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The performance dialogue

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This workshop provides continuous support and an understanding of the performance dialogue to achieve performance outcomes.
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Performance dialogues are often seen as stressful, daunting processes that are nevertheless a mandatory organisational procedure. The Performance Appraisal, the formal evaluation of an employee’s performance, is often considered the worst part. But are you as a manager really making the best use of the opportunity, and are staff members actively participating and involved in their own performance plans?

It may be time to approach things a little differently. Applying a coaching style of management, the workshop focuses on ongoing dialogue for continuous improvement.

This workshop provides an understanding of the performance dialogue and continuous support to individuals through coaching, mentoring and one-on-one feedback to achieve performance outcomes.

Following 3 simple steps will create a culture of motivation and achievement for the individual and the organisation.

Duration: 2-day workshop (4-5 February, 18-19 May, 5-6 August or 19-20 Oct)

Delivery platform: Virtual

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