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Leading and inspiring people for high performance

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This programme supports managers to achieve their business objectives through practical engagement.
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Leading and inspiring people for high performance was developed from research on high performing organisations and understanding the needs and challenges of business. Locally and internationally managers are often promoted to team leader, supervisor and management positions as a result of years of experience or technical expertise but lack management skills, knowledge and behaviour. This programme is practical, supporting managers to achieve the business objectives. Each module focuses on an essential aspect of people management. The workshops are delivered 2 days per month over a 6-month period, allowing business managers to implement the learning and discuss their successes and challenges at the next workshop. Networking with other business allows for the sharing of knowledge, challenges and ideas.

The 6 modules are:

  • Manager as a coach – Understanding the leadership and management roles and responsibilities in the ever-changing business space. Applying a coaching style to managing people effectively; being inspirational, solution focused role models.
  • The key to performance management and measuring return on investment in training and development – Linking learning and development to business planning, Performance Dialogue and Measuring ROI on training and development.
  • Motivate your team – Creating a positive work environment by providing on-going constructive feedback. Recognising and appreciating people for their contribution to creating a high-performance culture.
  • Creating a thinking environment – Become an innovative visionary, who leads teams by tapping into the potential of each team member, sharing knowledge and ideas.
  • Emotional intelligenceUnderstanding self and managing relationships effectively to achieve business goals.
  • The challenge of changeUnderstand and manage change effectively by supporting teams through their transition in the change process.

Duration: 6 months (6 x 2-day modules)

Delivery platform: Classroom or Virtual

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