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time to...
live your best life

2020 has been out of the ordinary in many ways, forcing us to face the unknown. And as we all know, the unknown brings up emotions of fear and uncertainty. It has also brought up our innate strength, our resilience, and our compassion.

It feels as if this year has been compressed. A moment ago it was March 2020 with the lockdown, and now in early December the year is just about over. Many have lost their jobs, families have faced financial difficulties, some were fearful of ill health or loss of life because of the pandemic. In South Africa, gender-based violence has escalated.

In the world of work we were thrust into a totally new way of engaging. While some companies embraced work-from-home years ago, others hadn't even dreamt of it. In South Africa, the difficult socio-economic conditions that government and business often ignore, intensified and became more visible.

2020 also gave us time to reflect on the important and meaningful aspects of our lives, making us realise that we need little to keep us going. It created awareness of those less privileged than ourselves. It made us reach out to neighbours, friends and those in need. Some of us learned to spend quality time with our families and ourselves.

It was a year that made us question our purpose and mortality.

While we did not have the opportunity to shape 2020, we can to some degree plan and shape 2021.

In Awakening Excellence’s  Live your best life  programme, we reflect on the past year. While there is much that we need to acknowledge and be grateful for, there are many lessons to be learnt from the year. Through the process, we begin to shape our future and goals for the next year.

Recent research on neuroscience and neuroplasticity tells us that in visualising the future and setting clear goals, the brain changes its structure as if the envisaged goals have been achieved; new neural pathways are created to support us making our dreams and desires a reality. Your brain will perceive obstacles as less significant than they might otherwise appear and focus your attention on the desired outcome, contributing significantly to a “mind-set" optimised for achieving your goals.

Bye bye 2020, hello 2021, time to
live your best life
Join us for this life changing workshop

Based on recent strides in neuroscience, Awakening Excellence has developed a one-day workshop entitled  Live your best life. This offering is light, fun and energising. "A joy to participate in while doing what I thought would be heavy lifting to get my life back on track." said Lerato. Through a series of practical exercises and reflections our Live your best life  workshop covers and addresses: -

    • Gratitude
    • Learning from our experiences
    • Our limiting beliefs
    • Habitual behaviours and patterns of thinking 
    • Creating a vision chart
    • Action steps to make future goals and desires a reality


Book your place for 23 January 2021

Limited spaces are available

You have the power within you to create your future

Now is the time to embrace it

Gift yourself !

To book your place,contact:

If you have been retrenched, or resigned, or are keen to start your own business, join us for your SETA-accredited New Venture Creation programme. For more information contact

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Gift your team and invest in your business success.


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