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A strong leadership team makes all the difference


While many businesses were retrenching employees and moving into survival mode during the Covid-19 lockdown, one stood out; it was making a difference not only to the lives of its employees but the community at large. 

JET Education Services CEO, Dr James Keevy and his dynamic leadership team led their people by creating trust and transparency through open dialogue, and ongoing communication. Inspiring his team to move from just doing a job for a salary to wanting to contribute to more purposeful work, committing to JET’s vision of providing quality education to the disadvantaged.

As Covid-19 hit South Africa in March 2020 and the lockdown was announced, ‘jetsetters’ had already been prepared to work remotely; equipped with resources, access to information and management support to transition to working from home. Read more...


Creating a Coaching Culture
Dr Mariam Sha, CEO of Awakening Excellence and a participant at coaching best practices breakfast session.

Economically speaking, 2020 has been the most challenging in over two decades. Uncertainty and instability brought about by constant changes, restructuring, downsizing, working remotely, the pandemic, and work mobility, have all had an impact on productivity, profitability and employee morale.

When finances are limited and people at their lowest on morale and engagement, companies tend to stop investing in their people, leading to a further downward spiral, with many businesses not surviving the difficult times. It is these challenging times though, that are best for an organisation to focus on its greatest asset - its people. 

A coaching culture enables sharing, learning and being solution focused. It allows for innovation and risk taking, with leaders believing that people have the solutions to improve the business. It grows a culture that is resilient and agile, that can weather any storm and manage any cataclysms in the future. 

How can creating a coaching culture support your business now, in this challenging period and into the future? Read more ...

Course Offering: Coaching for High Performance

The International Coaching Federation (2009) reported that Executives who had been coached for a minimum of six months experienced a 77% improvement in their working relationships with direct reports, a 71% improvement with supervisors and a 63% improvement with peers. Additionally, job satisfaction rose by 61% and organisational commitment went up by 44%.

Coaching is powerful and effective because the coachee reaches their own conclusions and decides on actions they are willingly to commit to. It is fast gaining traction as a methodology due to the fact that it taps into the way the brain functions naturally. Practitioners say that coaching focusses on the fundamental needs of people in creating a balanced and holistic life in which they can reach solutions. It has thus evolved as a natural form of leadership development.

Awakening Excellence has developed a SETA accredited  programme to train leaders to be internal coaches, to tap into the potential of individuals to achieve individual, team and business objectives. This programme is delivered to meet the needs of both junior and senior managers. The great advantage of the SETA accreditation, is that the company need not bust its training budget as the costs can be claimed back directly from your SETA.

Our Coaching for High Performance offering equips Executives, Managers, Supervisors and Team leaders with the skills to coach individuals.

Find out more ...


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by Dr Mariam Sha on creating a coaching culture. Plus a 1.5 hour talk for up to 10 people on the benefits and importance of coaching and emotional intelligence at a 30% discount. We have only 10 places left to book up to 15th December, don’t miss out on this  offer.

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