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Awakening Excellence was founded in 2004 by Dr Mariam Sha. In the belief that people have the talent and resources within them to achieve their purpose and contribute fully to organisations, it was a start to her journey to support people and organisations to be more engaged and productive.

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Have you ever been asked to clarify the return on investment for a particular training and development initiative – either one that’s been proposed or one that’s happened?

You’ve probably pointed to happier, more fulfilled, more productive employees, who are better skilled. You probably even have post-training evaluations to prove ‘usefulness’.

But that’s not enough.

Challenging economic conditions require belt-tightening; training’s expensive and, when there’s a financial outlay on L&D, it’s important to bring that spend back to the numbers.

  • Which business gaps were targeted by a specific training intervention?
  • Did we get the results we expected?
  • Has training had an impact, and what is it?
  • Is the learning being applied at work?
  • How has the organisation benefited, as a whole?
  • What are the long-term effects of learning on individual job performance?
You know that training’s not just a nice-to-have. Neither is a real, Rands-and-cents ROI evaluation. The problem is, many HR practitioners and C-Suite decision-makers believe there are no simple ways to analyse meaningful ROI on skills development. And yet, there are.


The Sha ROI Model rests on the application of a consistent methodology – that clients can use independently – to measure and assess the tangible training benefits of L&D.

In the form of intensive 2-3 day workshops, Awakening Excellence makes it safer, more logical, and more practical to invest in training, leaving attendees with a ready-to-implement action plan for calculating training ROI.

We teach the mastery of elements like:

  • Direct costs
  • Indirect costs
  • Efficiency
  • Performance to the schedule
  • Behaviour change
  • Performance change
  • Cost of non-performance
  • Tangible and intangible benefits
While individual performance, team results and business value are primary considerations, we might also help you to look at:
  • improving the quality of learning programmes,
  • identifying potential strengths and weaknesses in learning programmes,
  • developing cost/benefit analyses,
  • supporting the marketing of training programmes,
  • determining a programme’s appropriateness for the target audience, or
  • assisting in decision-making about funding priorities relating to L&D.

The Sha ROI Model is made available by Awakening Excellence, which has operated in the discipline of ROI in training and development for 12 years. As a 100% black-female-owned business, the company has BBEEE Level 1 status and an international client base spanning South Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Of over 100 satisfied clients since the company’s inception, 10 represent the top 40 JSE-listed companies. Our MD, Dr Mariam Sha, has conducted over 15 talks in the last two years alone, and has been published in both Leadership magazine and Mindspace magazine.

Dr Sha is a published author. Her book An Engaged Workforce – 6 Practical Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture, is pioneering in the field of coaching. Based on her PhD research on “What transforms in organisations as a result of Coaching”, Dr Sha shares tips and techniques to measure the impact of coaching on the Individual, Team and organisation.

Our clients – blue-chip corporates, multi-nationals, Government departments, etc. – confirm that the Sha ROI Model is: (link to logos)
  • Practical
  • Interactive
  • User-friendly
  • Easily applicable to their own learning interventions
  • Preferred by top management and decision-makers
  • In line with International Best Practices
Connect with us and let us help you today. +27 11 326 2314 / +27 83 635 3831

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JET Education Services (JET) has been named as a leader in people management practice globally, having won Best Newcomer for an organisation of its size at the Investors in People Awards.

The Best Newcomer Award celebrates organisations who have joined the IIP community this year and who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to bettering their people management practices from the very beginning of their Investors in People journey.

As a leading South African non-profit organisation, JET recognises the importance of valuing its people – who in turn enable the organisation to play a critical role in South African and African education by conducting credible and evidence-based research. This research has had a direct impact on national, regional and continental decisions and policies for the last 26 years, and continues to grow.

Paul Devoy, Head of Investors in People, said: “This year’s Investors in People Awards were an inspirational celebration of best practice across our international community. It was fantastic to see so many worthy organisations nominated for outperformance in their approach to people management. I commend JET for their dedication to improving the quality of work for their employees. Congratulations to JET on becoming 2018’s Best Newcomer.”